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Price: tailoring the competitive price advantage for the customer's market

Understand customer needs, accurately judge customer market demand and provide professional customer demand services

Ensuring contract delivery, delivery is the first important factor, planning the preparation of raw materials for orders in advance to ensure delivery

Strict quality control, in accordance with the principle of quality first, strictly control quality according to customer quality standards.

Quality tracking, the company quality inspection throughout the process to control the quality of each production link. The professional quality inspection carries out the second inspection. After the product is put into storage, the sales quality inspection will once again carry out the second inspection of the product quality according to the customer quality standard to control the quality of the quality.

Quickly deal with after-sales quality issues, all after-sales problems will provide customers with professional answers and processing in the first time.

Work with customers to analyze market trends, economics, and customer groups. Multi-channel analysis of customer competitors and strategies for later development goals.

R & D customer market new product development, according to the overall market preferences to timely update the new color of the market for customers to further develop the market.

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