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Ten key words in the stone industry in 2019

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Ten key words in the stone industry in 2019
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In 2019, the stone industry was stumbling in the midst of stumbling. Although some companies have gone against the trend, they are still in the downturn from the overall industry. At the end of the year, I surveyed the stone industry in the past year and summarized the top ten keywords.

I. Exit: no industry that has closed down

"There is no industry that has closed down, only enterprises that have closed down." In this sentence, some people talked with consolation, and some people always believed. In the current economic downturn, the importance of the internal factors of the enterprise is clearly pointed out. No matter how bad the external environment is, the company's stay depends on the strength and decision-making of the company.

In the first three quarters of 2019, China's above-scale stone industry completed a main business income of 325 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 2.9 percentage points; 134 loss-making enterprises above designated size, up 0.3 percentage points year-on-year. With the intensification of internal changes in the industry, some enterprises with insufficient accumulation and shortage of funds have been forced to close; enterprises that are barely operating are in the midst of “transformation” and “holding on”; those with stronger strength are self-transforming and seeking new ways. “In order to truly transform the industry, some stone people must actively withdraw from the stone industry.” Fei Zhongyang, the vice president of the former Global Stone Group, believes that the strategy of transformation and upgrading is to persist and keep pace with the times; Make a choice, know how to take it.

Second, transformation: borrowing the stone of others to cross the river

How to transform? Due to geographical differences and corporate differences, it is unwise to copy the roads that elite stone enterprises in developed countries have gone through. Stone enterprises should base themselves on the current situation, draw appropriate reference, and plan a road to change that is in line with the strategic positioning of enterprises. Some stone enterprises in foreign countries can achieve one-stop service of design, processing, construction and whole process service with only one hundred people. The high efficiency of operation is staggering. There are very few domestic enterprises with such competitiveness. How to integrate the whole stone system into one, to integrate, refine and expand the advantages, the whole industry needs to explore.

The guiding system of the developed countries in the stone industry has created a framework for the development of the industry. How to step on the ground and take the road of development with local characteristics? It is a good idea to rely on the stone industry of the ceramic tile industry. When entering the home improvement market, natural stone is often used to compare with tiles. In the contest, the ceramics industry is good at creating standards, brands and using marketing channels, and the home improvement industry shines. These are the missing of the large-scale operation of marble, which seriously affects the promotion and customer experience of stone brands.

Third, breakthrough: enter the home improvement market

In recent years, the stone home improvement market has begun to enter the vision of stone people, becoming a life-saving straw for some stone enterprises to get out of the shadow of the downturn. According to the data of China Stone Association, the proportion of stone application in the home improvement market is less than 20%, and the development space is very large. The new urbanization construction will continue to promote the application of stone in the decoration field. In the future, more stone enterprises will turn to home decoration will be “new”. normal".

Chen Guoqing, president of the China Stone Association, said that the future home improvement market will be a direction for the development of the stone industry. Large stone enterprises need to try to reform the marketing model, expand their horizons, and take into account the engineering market while marching into the home improvement market.

Fourth, subdivision: strive to be the industry stealth champion

At present, the total demand for stone in the whole society has been significantly reduced compared with the previous years. There are many porridges. Only by taking a refined route, maintaining advantages in differentiated competition, and continuously increasing the added value of products, can we develop.

Due to the differences between enterprises and the heterogeneous needs of consumers, with the deepening of industrial changes, market segmentation is becoming more and more obvious. Small enterprises will seek their own place in more market segments. Medium and large enterprises will continue to integrate, merge, acquire and carry out industrial transformation and upgrading in the leading position of existing market segments, so that enterprises will expand to scale. A larger share of the existing market segment to stabilize its leadership position.

V. Return: Domestic marble counterattack

Affected by high transportation costs and disorderly competition in the market, domestic marble has always been “priceless and without market”. In recent years, with the continuous emergence of domestic high-quality minerals, domestic marble has begun to be recognized by more consumers. The horn of the return value of domestic marble has been blown, and the development trend is strong.

"Now the sales of domestic marbles are not falling, this is a good news." Bai Lijiang, secretary-general of the composite board of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Stone Industry Chamber of Commerce, said that with the continuous emergence of domestic fine stone and the recognition of the market, It is expected that domestic marble sales are expected to exceed imported marble in five years.

Cooperation: The coordination mechanism of the whole industry chain is gradually becoming apparent

Recently, the 4th Global Stone Design Application Design Competition, which lasted 8 months, ended in Guangzhou Design Week. As one of the ways for stone man and designer to cross-border cooperation, the design competition not only provides a display stage for designers, but also has a great role in promoting the discussion of stone application and the communication and integration of both parties. In order to enhance the value of products, and differentiated from similar products, stone enterprises have joined hands in the design industry to create consumer brands.

The stone industry is a heavy asset and cyclical industry. The industrial chain is lengthy. There are stone machinery and mines in the upper reaches, stone processing and market sales in the middle, design and decoration, and engineering real estate in the downstream. It is difficult to eat and co-ordinate. It is particularly important to construct upstream and downstream cooperation mechanisms and industry rules based on the stone industry chain, reshape the future value of the industry, integrate industrial chain resources, and establish synergy mechanisms. Mining enterprise alliances can reach a limited price increase; buyers' alliances can achieve large-scale procurement and save capital.

Seven, service: pro-customer rather than pro-circle

With the changes in the market and consumer groups, stone people only pay attention to products that do not pay attention to the concept of the practice must be abandoned, should go out of the "friends circle" and integrate into emerging markets. As an important part of the company's soft power, services have a certain catalytic effect on corporate brand building and competitiveness. The transition from a supplier to a service provider is a manifestation of the industry's progress and maturity, and it is the reorientation of the company's role in the new economy. After forming a sense of service, companies should also strive to create distinctive service features that will stand out in service and brand competition. Times are changing, consumer pursuits are changing, they need higher, better, and more secure services. Enterprises can only get more profits by providing value-added services to users.

Eight, talent: the strong momentum of enterprise advancement

The rise and fall of enterprises is inseparable from talents, and the development process of excellent enterprises is accompanied by the cultivation process of talents. The stone industry is a labor-intensive industry, and the general cultural level of employees is low, which greatly limits the development of enterprises. If enterprises want to develop, it is impossible to expand the scale and small profits but quick turnover. We must actively absorb or cultivate professional talents, especially the “local” talents of enterprises. The introduction and cultivation of high-quality talents is conducive to the optimization of business procedures, improving operational efficiency and added value of products, and finally reaching a service-oriented enterprise that can provide design, processing, construction and service, and a complete talent training system often Relying on advanced management mechanisms and modern corporate systems.

9. Transition: the veil of the modern enterprise system

In the stone industry, there are not many enterprises that focus on corporate culture construction. This is partly due to the fact that the positioning of enterprises is relatively simple and short. In the development, it is often difficult for stone enterprises to break through the family management model, and they are unwilling or unable to introduce advanced management mechanisms and high-level management talents. At the same time of the industry's major reshuffle, many stone enterprises are facing the change of the dynasty, the first generation of entrepreneurial elders gradually faded out of the first line, "Shi second generation" or "create second generation" appeared in the historical stage. In this special environment, the handover of enterprises requires more wisdom, and the difficulties also provide opportunities for the transition to modern normative enterprises.

X. E-commerce: Actively build an online platform

The development of stone e-commerce is just the right time. According to the characteristics of the stone products themselves, it can be operated by the mode of bulk commodity trading. Commodity trading needs to integrate transaction flow, capital flow, information flow and logistics “four streams in one”. The e-commerce platform integrates “four streams” to An objective evaluation system makes the price of invisible stone clear, provides great convenience for big data analysis through standardization, breaks the difficulty of e-commerce, reshapes industry processes, and integrates upstream and downstream industry chains. Stone suppliers, processing plants, designers, etc. are in place throughout the process. In terms of logistics, the small sample logistics is integrated into a large logistics, which optimizes the allocation of excess logistics while bringing low-cost logistics.

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